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Learn Acrylic Painting

Materials - Paint

Why Acrylic Paint ~ Kinds of Paint ~ Painting In Layers ~ The Forgiving Nature of Acrylics

Materials - Painting Surfaces

Wrapped Canvas (various thicknesses various uses) ~ Canvas Pads ~ Make Your Own ~ Linen ~ Cotton ~ Wood

Materials - Brushes

Kinds of Brushes and their Functions ~ Brush Materials ~ Long and Short~ Cleaning ~ Drying ~ Ferule

Materials - Water

For Rinsing ~ For Thinning ~ For Washes ~ For Cleaning

Materials - Easels

H-Frame ~ A-Frame ~ French ~ Convertible ~ Stand Up (Firm Footing) ~ Sit Down ~ Table Top ~ Stool/Chair ~ Back Straight

Miscellaneous Materials

Ruler ~ Masking Tape ~ What's In Your Kitchen? ~ Painting Knives ~ Painting Paddles ~ Gels ~ Brush Conditioner ~ Brush Stand ~ Cloths ~ Paper Towel

Preparing Your Canvas

Gesso ~ Sanding

Getting Your Image On The Canvas

Grids ~ Projectors ~ Colored Pencils (Dropping, Sharpening, Erasing)

The Order of Painting

Painting Backgrounds ~ Blocking In Color ~ Back To Front ~ Top To Bottom

Mixing Colors

Color Mixing Guides ~ Lightening with White ~ Darkening with Black ~ Highlighting ~ Transparent/Opaque

Fixing Mistakes

A Fix It Brush ~ Dabbing It ~ The Beauty of White ~ The Beauty of Black

Blending Colors

Blending Between Dark and Light Colors ~ Softening An Edge

Finishing Touches

Lacquer Options

Notification List

Shortly, I will be uploading instructional videos for those who want to learn acrylic painting.
If you would like to be notified when a new video is uploaded, please join my Google Group.

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