Commission A Portrait by Sybil A. Bissell
  • Painting
    • All canvas sheets are affixed to a board for painting. This requires the sheet to be taped to the board. There will be approximately 1/2" on each edge that will be unpainted as a result.
    • All Canvas on Wood Frame paintings are painted all around the edges and there is no need for framing. You can hang the painting with a simple canvas hanger.
    • Your painting will be complete within 4-6 weeks of reception of the first payment and the image to be painted.
  • Materials
    • All acrylic paint is Heavy Body, UV resistent paint.
    • All canvas is cotton.
    • All paintings on wood frames are coated with a varnish/gel to protect from water, dust and gentle bumps. If you frame your painting you must leave the back open in order for air to circulate. The canvas must breathe from front or back. Since I am putting a protective coating on the front, it must breathe from the back.
    • The canvas is on a 3/4" thick wood frame.
    • All canvas sheet paintings must be framed when you get them. The canvas sheet should be affixed to a foam board with NO Glass on the front. The canvas must breathe. Since you must frame a canvas sheet painting and it must be mounted on a foam board, it cannot be varnished on the front.
  • SHIPPING within the continental USA is included in all prices.
    • Canvas sheets are shipped in Tube Mailers.
    • Wood Frame wrapped canvases are shipped in cardboard boxes.
  • Guarantee
    • I guarantee my work to 100% satisfaction. If you are not in love with your painting before I ship it your money will be refunded (less a restocking fee of 10% of the total fee, for materials purchased for your painting (or actual cost of materials, whichever is less)). Your painting will not be shipped unless you are 100% satisfied before it is shipped. I will ask you for your confirmation of satisfaction, by e-mail, before shipping.
  • Refund Policy
    • Paintings are not returnable and will not be refunded once shipped. You will receive regular images via e-mail that will show the painting as it develops. Any concern you have will be addressed as it occurrs. I anticipate that you will communicate with me clearly regarding any and all concerns or revisions.
  • Copyright
    • You guarantee that you have the necessary Copyright for any photo submitted for painting and that you will be responsible if there is any challenge to the Copyright. You naturally own the Copyright for any photo you personally took. You need documented permission from anyone else whose photo you are asking me to paint, before you submit it.
Purchase All Credit Cards Accepted and eChecks